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Diversity Media Corp. is a communications company with radio broadcasting as its core business. Diversity Media was formed in 2003 by Kevin R. Priest with the objective of acquiring properties, primarily in small and medium radio markets, that have good growth prospects or attractive competitive environments.

At present Diversity Media programs or provides sales services to 43 FM radio stations (including a HD subchannel not owned by Diversity), 5 AM radio stations, and 3 tv stations in 20 distinct markets in California, Nevada, Hawaii, Vermont, Texas, Connecticut, and Mexico. Diversity clusters its radio stations in markets to increase operating efficiency and deliver diversity in formats with superior programming. Diversity Media also owns all of Radio Disney in Mexico.


We work hard to make our communities better places to live and work. From public service campaigns to high profile community events our commitment to our communities is firm. Diversity Media's existence has been based on service to our listeners, communities and advertisers.

Diversity Media's strategic growth plan includes acquiring additional stations in markets ranked 150-250 based on market revenues. Our goal is to be the top biller in every market and to offer diverse formats ranging from Classic Hits, Country, Classic Country, Dance, LGBTQ+, and Adult Contemporary to Oldies, News/Talk and Sports Radio.


Diversity Media also owns 2 newspapers.


Our philosophy is to develop strong decentralized local managers who are responsible for the day to day operations of their stations. We have specific financial objectives and compensation will be based on the ability to achieve those financial goals both short and long term.


Diversity Media believes strongly in the fundamental building blocks of market research, training and speed to market. From programming to sales to engineering to administration, we will utilize the resources available and the feedback of every member of our team to provide the necessary planning and execution and monitoring required to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Diversity Media was the first broadcasting company to go 100% HD Digital. In addition, Diversity Media also owns and operates Diversity Radio Networks, which creates and distributes programming to its affiliates. Diversity Media also owns the following companies:



•Diversity TV Stations

•Diversity Newspaper Group

•Off the Record Productions

•Diversity News Networks

•Diversity News en español

•Real Country

•Real Country Classics

•Radio Exitos

•Energy – Pure Dance

•Rewind – Throwbacks

•California Country

•The Lake Country

•The Barn Classic Country


•OutQ (LGBT+)

•OutQ Country (LGBT+ Country)

•Radio Lima

•Radio Synth

•Radio Joyce (50’s)

•The Coaster

•Love FM

•Radio Disney (Mexico)


•High Sierra Broadcasting

•Reno Broadcasting

•Mt. Shasta Broadcasting

•AllStar Broadcasting

•RainCross Media

•Straight Talk Radio

•Diversity Traffic - SoCal

•Diversity Traffic - RenoMetroplex

•Diversity Traffic - Seattle

•Diversity Weather Networks

•KSC Productions

•DiversityArts (Indepedent Movies)

•Ghost TV (Launching 10/1/2024)

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