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Local Connection with National Scale

Radio Show

Diversity Media Corp. is a communications company with radio broadcasting as its core business. Diversity Media was formed in 2003 by Kevin R. Priest with the objective of acquiring properties, primarily in small and medium radio markets, that have good growth prospects or attractive competitive environments. 

Press Conference
Recording Studio
Natalia Anderson

Diversity News


Diversity Media is the type of company I always dreamed of working for but never thought would actually happen. When I joined Diversity Media I knew it was something special right away. For the first time in my adult life I found myself with a career, not just another job. The Diversity Media Family is a real thing.

Sam Fuhler

KLAG - TV 36

I am a big fan of Diversity Media. Since I started working here, I noticed that the people working for this company are what drives our success. The key to that success is career development. If you do your job and strive to do it well, you will be rewarded. The ongoing training and education help define my role here at Diversity Media. I was hired for a reason, and with the help of my on-site team, management and the corporate office, my career is on a path worth taking. 

Amelie Peters

Divesity Weather Networks


I like working for Diversity because it’s given me opportunities to do things I had never done before in my career. My job responsibilities here have helped me grow in more substantial ways than at previous jobs. It’s refreshing to work in a department of all women who support each other.

Armand Ferguson

MixFm Radio


I like working for Diversity  because I am allowed to be myself. The work environment is pleasant, and it feels like a second family. I have had tremendous growth opportunities within a small period of time, and that shows me that Diversity is dedicated to promoting within the company. It’s a great feeling when you walk into a room and everyone knows your name and smiles when they see you. Diversity is the first company that I have been with for this long and I plan to stay many more years. I would recommend working for Diversity Media because you will be valued as an asset to the team; from the top of the totem pole to the bottom, everyone is treated fairly and kindly. The Studios are all beautiful. What more could you ask for in a company?

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